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Evolution-Tek offers a variety of security products, service and technical support.

We are proud to provide our customers with the best products and competitive prices in the market.

Our mission is to fit your needs with high quality equipment, and state of the art technological systems for your home, office, or vehicule. Evolution-Tek As a technology company provides the services of Computer customizing, Software & Hardware

Upgrades, and networking, that supports commercial and residential technological applications.

Our broad product line extents from professional high security systems to an array of wireless surveillance products completing the "ONE STOP SHOP" solution for all CCTV applications such as:

·         Professional Quality CCD Cameras

·         "Real Time" 4-8-16-32 Channel Digital Video Recorders up to X - GB

·         “Vandal Proof” CCD Camera Domes

·         Mini Covert Spy Cameras

·         Professional Pan/Tilt/Zoom Speed Dome Cameras

·         TFT Color Flat Screen Monitors

·         Wireless Video/Audio Transmitters and Receivers

·         High Quality Video Cables

·         Quad-Processors/Multiplexers

·         Video/Audio Twisted Pairs

·         CCTV Optical Lenses

·         LED Illuminators

·         Power Supplies and Battery Packs

·         Housing Accessories

·         Spy Cameras and DVRs

·         IP and MegaPixel Cameras

·         High Definition Cameras and DVRs

·         High Specialty Application Cameras

We are known by our customers to always relentlessly strive for the very best.